Post Holiday Clean-Up. It’s over, people.

Ran into Rudolph this morning on his way to storage in an alley in Pasadena. Pobrecito. Time to stay locked in for the next 11 months.

Rudolph rumbo al almacen. Hora de guardar todo lo navideño.

And so it ends, my friends. At least mañana we have the Rosca de Reyes, the last festivity of the Season para los mexicanos y latinos. Better get to la panadería tonight before the big lines tomorrow.


UPDATE- 6PM Apparently, Downtown LA did not get the memo that the party was over, and they’re still going strong with the ‘Downtown on Ice’ skating rink at Pershing Square. Walked past it this evening and they had a party rocking, even with the balmy 73 degree weather. Skating is 8 bucks a pop and I believe this is the last weekend.

Skating on a "summery" night in January at Downtown LA's Pershing Square. Jan. 5, 2012.


One thought on “Post Holiday Clean-Up. It’s over, people.

  1. aaaawwww!!SO IT’S OFFICIAL…if rudolph’s going into storage does that mean I have to put away my 5 xmas decorations (can’t wait for next year, when -si Dios me da licencia- I’ll be back home)…it’s like the winter version of the groundhog only inverted… :/ …rudolph goes in and the groundhog comes out…anyway, let’s enjoy a lovely and delicious Rosca, btw i just read this morning a post about King’s Day being celebrated with an oval red, green and gold cake…hmmm, sounds familiar!! rosca y chocolate caliente to finish off the festivities, how good does that sound?

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