Coca Cola Mexicana Rules! And now you can get it at Costco.

Shopping for the Holidays at Costco yet? Me di un quick trip this past weekend and lo and behold- que se me atraviesa un pallet de Coca Cola Mexicana, made in Mexico, in the original glass bottles de medio litro, with a big “Hecho en Mexico” stamp on the box.

¿Qué tal? Now this is the REAL THING of the real thing, you know what I mean?

Yo creo que ha de haber bastantes fans (adictos) al sabor super dulce de la Mexican version because once you sell wholesale across the border and once you’re in Costco, then you must be in demand! Apparently they are considered a gourmet/connoisseur version of regular Coke. But us mexicanos, we already knew that.

For the die hard Mexican Coca Cola fans, la Coca Cola mexicana is now sold at Costco, by the case, for 16.99. Go out and get some.

La había visto por otros lados en la ciudad, en Bottega Louie de downtown y en el M Market on Holly, en Pasadena. Pero ahi las venden individuales.

So now you know, should you need your fix. Seems like now you CAN have a Coca Cola and a smile.

One thought on “Coca Cola Mexicana Rules! And now you can get it at Costco.

  1. ahora sólo faltan los tacos en plena calle!! es que es lo que me recuerdan las coca colas en botella de vidrio…so it’s a gourmet beverage? aaaajajajajaaaa…PERFECTO que asi sea, aunque tu y yo sabemos la verdad, sister!! this is just who-would’ve-thought FUNNY!!

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