Quick trip to Vegas for NASCAR Champions Week

Las Vegas is the one place on earth where it’s ok to party and work at the same time.  You can have a drink or two, gamble on las maquinitas or on the heavy roller tables, lose all sense of time and money, AND still have fun while you’re at it.

So naturally, when presented with a last minute opportunity to go to NASCAR Champions week, I could not refuse. (Thanks NASCAR and 34/56 Group.)

The NASCAR bunch is a fun, rowdy, passionate crowd. They travel in packs from all over the US and you could spot them a mile away with their NASCAR memorabilia and cool logo jackets. Hace falta ver más fans latinos, but we’re working on that.

We had a chance to ride the double decker bus at the NASCAR Champions parade down the Las Vegas strip, and even though we were freezing allá arriba al aire libre, it was fun to see the cars and drivers up close.

Any girl who is not a fan may want to reconsider after getting a closeup of the NASCAR drivers. Even though it’s a frivolous reason, ¡pues a mi ya me gustó!  Sign me up anytime to see these guys in action.

Ojo: Nos faltó Juan Pablo Montoya, el piloto colombiano. Esperemos verlo el año que entra en el grupo de los top ranking.

NASCAR drivers as they go down the Las Vegas strip.

The top 12 NASCAR drivers as they're presented on stage.

Jimmy Johnson ... sigh. Some NASCAR drivers make you want to become a fan, even if you know nothing about racing. ¡Muy guapo!

Otro guapo! The very popular Jeff Gordon.

Go big or go home! NASCAR fans came out full force.

During the parade, the NASCAR drivers showed off their skills right smack in the heart of the strip. Se pusieron a hacer "donitas"...

El carro de uno de los hermanitos Busch, el Kurt Busch.

Reigning champ (though he's not my favorite by any means porque es un poquito sangrón) Tony Stewart (left) and Kevin Harwick (right) chill out before the show.

Saludando a todos. Say hello to all the fans, Kevin.

The double decker bus was a hit! Pero nos ibamos congelando.

One thought on “Quick trip to Vegas for NASCAR Champions Week

  1. que padreeee!!! yo era MEGA-SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER fan de CART hace algunos ayeres, cuando lo conducía ‘el hermano peruano’ Jorge Koechlin y ahi conocimos a el mas ch…on Juan Pablo Montoya, Alex Zanardi, Adrián Fernández (mexicano) y muchos más…creo que ahora regresaré a mis antiguos hábitos: el domingo se planeaba alrededor del horario de la carrera… vroooooom…VERDE, VERDE, VERDE!!! it’s an indescribable rush!! I’m a girl, I’m a fan and I’m Latina…

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