Quién quiere Mexican Hot Chocolate?

One of the guilty pleasures of fall/winter is enjoying un chocolatito caliente just because it’s cold and just because you feel like it.

I have yet to have my first hot chocolate of the season, being that it has been a little warmer than usual in LA this week. But when I do, I know exactly what I’m having. El Chocolate Abuelita tendrá que esperar; this year I’m trying a new chocolate brand that I found at the lovely M Market on Holly  Street in Pasadena. It’s called TAZA Chocolate and it’s made in Massachusetts of all places! ¿Quién iba a decir?

I have to say, at first I fell in love with the packaging. I am such a sucker for visual stimuli, that anytime I see good design and nice fonts, I’m sold! But truth be told, I am very curious to see what these chocolate discs taste like and I have a feeling I am going to owe you a segunda parte on this blog post, once I make it and taste it.

I was going to do the step by step chocolate boiling and whisking con todo y the molinillo, but I went to Taza’s website and they already did this for us, so I am just going to redirect you there to see the pix and the how to… (Ando muy práctica el día de hoy que tengo el tiempo limitado.) So click HERE to see the process and learn more about this brand, parece que son gringos los dueños, pero gringos con muy buen gusto! They even have other sweet and savory recipes going on.

Their flavors sound very tasty: Salted Almond Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Dark Chocolate, Chipotle Chile 70% Dark Chocolate, Orange 70% Dark Chocolate, and  Salt and Pepper Chocolate.

This is not your Abuelita's Hot Chocolate: Taza flavors are Salted Almond, Vanilla, Chipotle Chile, Orange and Salt & Pepper.

If you want to try Taza yourself, it’s sold in several places in LA: Susina, on Beverly in LA; Erewhon Natural Foods, in LA; Cacao Mexicatessen in Eagle Rock (LA); and The M Market on Holly in Pasadena.

My first choice is Salted Almond. A ver que tal me sale. It’s $4.99 for 2 discs, so hopefully it’s good.

Love the packaging!





4 thoughts on “Quién quiere Mexican Hot Chocolate?

  1. jejeje…tengo un post pendiente que se llama: I DO judge a book by its cover… porque yo también lo hago DE LA VISTA NACE EL AMOR sister!! pero a la vez a way to a chocolover’s heart is through the stomach, right?! si por favor otra, otra para que nos platiques detalladamente como estuvo tu TAZA de Chocolate Grandma!

  2. I love hot chocolate, champurrado, calientito que hace mi Mamá Lilia… anything christmasy.. winter wonderland. love it.


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