Dando el rol por el “LA Auto Show”

The Honda display at the LA Auto Show.

I love my car, a beautiful VW. But… I hate driving in LA, for obvious reasons.

I think every angeleno has a special relationship/bond with their car. Or their imaginary car they will someday own and remains on their wish list. You know which one I’m talking about. Es el carro de tus sueños que ves que otra persona al lado tuyo va manejando mientras estás atorado en el 405…y de repente te vas en tu daydream driving off into the sunset.

But I digress…

This week every car maker and brand in America had their annual big “dog and pony show” which is appropriately called “The LA Auto Show.”

You still have this weekend to go see it at the Convention Center. The entrance is $12 dollars (parking is another $20 or so) and it’s open until 10 PM. If you’re a car aficionado, then this is something that’s totally worth your time. Get up close and personal with every new car on the market. You can even pretend it’s yours as you slide into it and sit in the driver’s seat, since most of the cars are open to get a sense of what they feel like on the road.

A few things really stood out. The trend this year is to finally convince us, the regular people, that the fuel efficient, eco-friendly, gas saving, “small is the new reality” vehicle is here to stay. It’s no secret that we are all minding our dollars and cents, and oil ain’t ever going to be free, so we might as well start thinking that “smaller is better.”  At least that’s the big push by most of the companies, including the luxury brands. Every brand has some sort of hybrid, electrical or fuel efficient option. Everybody is reinventing itself. The future looks like it’s here when you see the electric plug enchufando al carro en el garage. Could it be that we all drive electrical cars some day?

There’s still many models of gas guzzlers and big ass trucks, so don’t despair. (A los latinos nos gustan mucho los big cars todavía.) It all depends what you like and how much you are willing to spend on your next car. Even if you are of the idea that an automobile is just something that gets you from point A to point B, I think there’s never been a time when the driver has had so many options to choose from.

Go visit the LA Auto Show before it ends and have a little pipe dream yourself. Total, soñar no cuesta nada.

Here are a few images from the show. I had so many I wanted to post, but made a brief selection for browsing purposes.

Germans do cars right. Here are a few Audi pics. They have a beautiful line and are quite popular.

An electrical BMW "Active" can be yours if you lease it for $499 a month, plus deposit.

Looks like the future arrived. The BMW i8 (concept) cars are all electrical. And they are amazing to look at.

The new 5 Series BMW. No wonder it's the ultimate driving machine.

Concept cars by Chevy will be here in 2013. Already sold in Europe.

The Chevy Volt is one of the more popular electrical cars. But I'm not crazy about the design.

Cool display by the new CODA cars. But the car design is so boring, I did not post a picture. It's all electrical and just a basic 4 door sedan.

Mini Cooper: still a very expensive toy car.

The new VW Beetle is amazing. Loved it!

Even Land Rover is going smaller with the Evoque and their new concept cars.

The Mercedes Benz G Series is BACK!! If I had an extra 100 thousand dollars, I would buy this car in an instant. My absolute favorite thing in the show. I don't care if it's big and boxy, this is it. They had stopped making them a few years ago so I wonder if it's back by popular demand.

I could also get a Fiat Gucci. So cool, so hip...so now. Too bad J-Lo endorses it!

Even the inside of the Fiat has the Gucci branding. Nice!

You can also get the Gucci accessories to go with you car, so you'd be all Gucci'd out. Qué fresas!

More people are embracing the new electrical vehicles. Here's the Nissan Leaf, which are now on the road. You hook up this baby through the front outlet and charge!

UPDATE- SATURDAY: A petición de X, Chucho:  Here’s a photo of the X1 car I took and some others that just had to make it to the list. Había muchísimo y quisiera poder subir más. Sorry if the pictures are small, they have to be optimized for the site.

Para X:

Yes, there were Formula 1 models.

I actually took a pic of la moto with my name on it (my initials, always have loved the CBR) but there's a peek of the Target F1 Model in the back.

I know you like the Audi Spyder!

 Para mis sobrinos-ahijados:

Life size Mario Kart model was a big deal!

Me encantó el display de Hot Wheels.

Para mi Papá, que le gustan los Bentleys…

Fit for a king...or a famous hip hop artist.

5 thoughts on “Dando el rol por el “LA Auto Show”

  1. OK, I’ve made my pick!!! para salir al freeway i want to go the HIGH-way…vamonos en una camionetita Mercedes a mi me gusta, mas bien me encanta la 4MATIC aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…y para la ciudad I’m all for being the strawberriest of them all GUCCI’D UP A LA FIAT!!! love that gucci easter egg … siiii, la o el que será? EVOQUE ya anda circulando por acá entre los chilangos…cool, pero demasiado off-road/cross-over/not your approachable family car kind of thing….aunque seamos chicas NOS ENCANTAN LOS CARROS O SERÁ EL ‘new car smell’….xoxo read you soon

  2. hey any pics of the Renault-RedBull F1 I took a few but from iPhone; that was the best for me as I’m a huge F1-cheers

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