Save Thanksgiving! Let’s celebrate it como Dios manda.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s a time for family, friends, good food and to take a break from our “regularly scheduled programs”so we can meditate on our blessings and say GRACIAS A LA VIDA QUE ME HA DADO TANTO.

The Pilgrims had that idea in mind when they feasted with and thanked the Native Americans back in the 1620’s.  They were grateful for all their help in surviving the first tough seasons in their new found land,  and for getting their first harvest. That was the same idea that trascended 100 plus years later, when the founding fathers, specifically George Washington, proclaimed it as a national day of gathering and giving thanks during the autumn season of 1789. ( I read this here if you want more details on the subject.)

But flash forward to 2011 and seems now that all the emphasis is on Black Friday and stores opening at midnight to grab all the crazy shoppers who want to take advantage of “door buster deals.” I’m sorry, but when did shopping for stuff become the focus of this holiday? Don’t employees of retail chain stores deserve a full day to celebrate with their families as well?

I applaud Nordstrom (the store) who sent out a letter with their catalog explaining they would be closed on Thanksgiving and open for regular business hours the following day. They want to give their employees the time off to enjoy their holiday and “each coming holiday at a time”. Seems we all need to remember that it’s about taking time to BE with family. Even if there’s a recession and you want to beat your competitors. There are more important things.

Besides, it’s just stuff and it’s not worth being crushed for in a crazy stampede at Wal-Mart at 10 pm on Thanksgiving. Who started this crazy madness anyway?

If you really want to take advantage of the sales, then go on Friday. Don’t leave your family at night to go buy a digital gadget. It will still be there in the morning. I promise you.

As for me, el Black Friday yo me voy a poner a hacer otra cosa and also have a second helping of the Costco Pumpkin Pie. Have  you tried it? It’s the best!

I sincerely hope all of you have a great  and Happy Thanksgiving. I am so grateful to my (few) readers who read me and to the fabulous WordPress who gives me a blog for free. Gracias! Gracias!

Gracias Diosito por todas mis bendiciones.

En serio que “Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto…”

4 thoughts on “Save Thanksgiving! Let’s celebrate it como Dios manda.

  1. aaaajajajaaaa!!! Black Friday por como te quedan los zapatos de tanto pisotón y acá EL mentando BUEN FIN…BAH HUMBUG!! prefiero comprar poco pero bueno y estar tranquila que mucho ya todo ‘manoseado’ to say the least y estar angustiada el resto del mes pagando tarjetas de crédito…aun sin todo lo que esas ‘mega especiales’ nos puedan ofrecer coincido contigo sister GRACIAS A LA VIDA QUE ME HA DADO TANTO sin merecerlo, sin pedirlo y sin tener que pagarlo ES GRATIS!!! love you sister-friend!!

  2. Bien dicho mi Cristy!
    Yo alucino como es que el consumismo se ha apoderado de la gente y en vez de celebrar lo basico la gente se olvida y pone mas atención en cosas materiales.
    En fin, yo no me pare en una tienda, y tampoco apoyo el que los empleados tengan que entrar a la media noche y dejar a sus familias para que un poco de locos vayan a comprar cosas que ni necesitan.

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