Saturday Night Quinceañera Party

La quinceañera está de vestido largo, aquí con todas sus friends.

I went to the best quinceañera party EVER last Saturday night. Of course, I am not even remotely close to the quinceañera festivities age but rather a generation above la quinceañera (no estoy yo para contarlo ni ustedes para saberlo) and I still had a fabulous time.

I think this is the first party in a long time where everyone from the baby sobrinita, to the padrinos, the tios and couples, as well as el abuelito y la abuelita, had a blast and danced the night away. Ya sabemos que a los latinos nos gusta divertinos “en bola”.

Here’s what I learned from attending the party:

  • ALWAYS have a theme and stick to it. This was a Havana nights themed party, and EVERYTHING matched the theme: the invitations, the decor, the beautiful quinceañera dresses she used, the MUSIC (at least during the dinner phase, Pérez Prado ruled the ambience) and of course, the food.
  • Girls will be girls and boys will be boys: I don’t know if this was a very “wholesome” crowd, but the kids were respectful and well behaved, and they genuinely had fun without thinking that partying with their parents was boring. Although on the dance floor the girls stuck to their all female group and the boys were “echando su desmadre” over at their corner, making funny faces and jumping up and down. Give them a couple of years…
  • Rihanna Rules. As soon as the dj played the first beat of her new song “We Found Love”, the kids went NUTS. I mean, they were screaming and singing every word of the song verbatim. (They did NOT play Katy Perry, thank God!)
  • Ditto for PitBull and LMFAO “Party rockers in the house tonight“….(Both a los chavitos y a los grandes nos gusta mucho.)
  • Salsa and Cumbias colombianas still makes us all dance. Esa música pone a bailar hasta las piedras.
  • Have a dessert and candy table in addition to the birthday cake. At the end of the night, chicos y grandes had their own “bolsita de dulces” to make and everyone left happy.

    Los chavitos baile y baile. The guys "dance" by jumping up and down and making a huddle. Girls are much more elegant!

    Hey! A los grandes también les gusta bailar. Here's a group dancing to Pitbull's "Tonight".

    The candy bar was a hit! This was just one of MANY cool and unique details that made this quinceañera party above and beyond the rest. It's all in the details, people.

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