Found! A Spanish newsstand in LA.

I was driving along the heart of Boyle Heights today when -lo and behold- que se me aparece este letrero.

ALL kinds of Spanish magazines? Surely you must be joking.

This magazine stand has been around for years on 1st and Soto, but this new sign- no, this STATEMENT- was beckoning for an investigation. So naturally I had to turn the corner and park the car.

Zoom out from across the street, on the corner of 1st and Soto in Boyle Heights (LA).

After approaching the newsstand, I did see a few periódicos from my fronterizo home state in México (BC).  They had a few critical-left wing political publications, like Proceso magazine, and the more central (but boring) Contenido. So that aspect is covered. There’s the frívolos-upscale-primer mundo en México examples, like Caras and Hola (México), but no Quien magazine, which was  surprise. Then there’s the comic strips en español de todos colores y temas. They still make them, but I wonder who reads them?

And of course there’s the typical churro reading entertainment junk, like TV Notas y TV y Novelas, not to be confused (although sí se pueden hacer mix up) with the pornographic stuff. It’s very hard to tell from these covers, since everyone is practically naked, and it’s mostly women. (Que novedad…)

Oy vey! Can you believe Playboy next to Brides en Español, next to libritos de historia next to knitting and hobby books, next to libros Cristianos.

Culture for the masses. Looks like something for everybody.

El Vanidades nunca falla, está en todos los puestos de revistas, al lado de las TV Notas con mujeres en poses sugestivas en la portada.

Material de lectura para el fresa-pseudo intelectual: Proceso 35 años de imágenes, Revista Caras y OK Mag en Español. Además un anuncio para tomar clases de "Naturismo" en LA.

So when they say “ALL KINDS” of Spanish magazines, they really mean it.

There was no Vanity Fair en español in site, however. You may remember I raved about it last week. This was a little disappointing.  But I’m quite pleased with the fact that this puesto de revistas exists and that it provides lecturas en español, a little something for everybody who craves reading material that you may not find at Barnes and Noble. Who am I to judge if you feel like reading Condorito? More power to you, amiguito.

The “All Kinds of Spanish Magazines” newsstand is open from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and 8 to 4 on the weekends, at 1st and Soto in Boyle Heights. There’s a Metro station next to it, fyi.

3 thoughts on “Found! A Spanish newsstand in LA.

  1. jajajaaaaa…sacaste tu FEDORA y tu ‘lupita’ and did some undercover investigating…MUY BIEN!! justo acabo de ver en el puesto de revistas (buscando el Hola! que para mi desagrado era de una QUINCEANERA) ese TVNotas… tienes mucha razón poco los diferencía de una revista para ‘caballeros’…

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