A few ideas for your “Día de los Muertos” party and outfit

¿Como que hay un boom de Halloween este año, verdad?  But in LA we do it DOUBLE con la fiesta de “Día de Los Muertos”.

It’s amazing how people in LA embrace and celebrate both Halloween and Día de los Muertos back to back, and you don’t even have to be Mexican or Hispanic to appreciate this. Cada vez hay más fans de esta fiesta que celebra la vida después de la muerte, and there’s no better place to witness this than the annual Self Help Graphics Día de los Muertos event. It will be held in Boyle Heights this year, on Nov. 2, and they’ve got a cool procession starting from Union Station (Gold Line) at 4 pm and Mariachi Station at 5pm. (Check the link for more details.) The event is free! But you have to get a metro ticket.

I had a chance to go 2 years ago and it was fabulous. It’s a grand scale event with families, artists, music, local vendors, tamales, champurrado, churros and la vendedora de frutas all rolled into one great night. I blogged about it then (you can read it by clicking here) and  was so impressed with the way this traditional fiesta mexicana crossed the border and became such a big event, it was súper concurrido. It captures the spirit of the celebration in México, where it’s a happy occasion, a true celebration of all our loved ones “que se nos adelantaron” y que están en el afterlife muy contentos y en paz.

So these pictures below are from the photo vault from 2009. Maybe some of you calaca aficionados would like to see them again, in case you need any ideas for your altar or for your disfraz. There’s still time to get one.

¡Feliz Día de Muertos amiguitos!

Altar de familia, con flores de cempasuchil, la tradicional flor que se usa para adornar el altar de muertos.
Estas veladoras están padres para decorar en estas fechas.
Ahi viene la Calaca Ranchera. I’d be scared if I ran into this guy!
Calaca face painting at Self Help Graphics event (2009) was a popular theme.
Colorful calaca magnets on sale at the event.
Las gringuitas también se vistieron de Catrinas. ¡Muy bien!
Louis XV inspired calacas.
Very creative! “His and Her” calaca skeletons.
Little trastecitos de calacas with a Mexican Revolution twist.
Isn’t it interesting how something as dreary as death is exalted to become a happy occasion? Aqui la calaca se pone guapa con mucho glitter.

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