Art in the streets of Los Angeles

A funny thing happened the other day when I did the AIDS Walk. Me percaté de muchos murales y cool art in the street popping all around us. How come I hadn’t noticed this before?

I guess it takes a good walk around town to become aware of how much talent surrounds us. Los Angeles is an amazing hub of designers and artists, in addition to the Hollywood industry folks, and you can enjoy the scene and vibe if you just start looking closer and observing the little gems artist leave for us here and there. Aproveché la vuelta por el West Side y alcancé a tomar unas fotos.

Y ahora this has become a new fascination of sorts, and with this in mind I set out to DTLA (my fav place) for a little street art inspiration. And there was something cool and photo worthy on every street!

You’d be surprised how many shots did not make it to the list, since it was the magic hour and my car was running on only 1/4 tank of gas, so I had to apurarme y editar on the fly. No fue precisamente un walking tour, but it helped that it was a Monday night and I found street parking here and there.

Here are a few of my observations around LA. Hope you feel inspired to do a little street art tour yourself.

West Side:

“Ignite the Imagination, Awaken a Dream.” From one of the windows at a gallery on La Cienega Blvd in West LA.

Los Angeles is in my heart. I ADORE LA and this mural spoke to me like you have no idea. Found it on Melrose Avenue.

Dennis Hopper was one of the coolest people ever, in addition to being an amazing artist and photographer. This mural is on Melrose.


Peace out James Dean. This mural is in DTLA.

So much sentiment going on here. Mural on a Los Angeles St. parking lot.

Looks a little Roy Lichtenstein inspired. “Vargas didn’t paint me”. On 3rd street DTLA.

“I always feel like… somebody’s watching me..” On Spring St. DTLA.

This seems to be inspired from the “Obey” series. I’ve labeled it as Woman Rebel Commie in Black and Red (the artists probably has another name for it.) Found it on an undescript alley on Olympic Blvd. DTLA Fashion District.

The Arts District in DTLA is worth a trip.

Mural collage and phone booth on Traction St.

Enlightened floating Ghandi on Traction St. ( Had a little help from Photoshop.)

Entrance at 800 Traction St. Does the artist Mondrian live here?

Lost Angels on 4th Street.

Spartacus points to Downtown LA.

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