Two FREE photo & art exhibits for your weekend in LA

In case you’re in the mood for art and photography and you happen to be in LA this weekend, may I recommend two very noteworthy places to visit and enjoy GRATIS. (“Free is my favorite price” como dice mi amigo Xesus Naranjo.) And parking is only $1 dollar if you validate at each location. YAY!

Así que vayan, ok.

1. “A Nation Emerges: The Mexican Revolution Revealed” at the Los Angeles Public Library, Central Library in DTLA (5th and Figueroa)

You can never go wrong with the LAPL Central Library. It’s a fabulous place to spend a Saturday afternoon. From now until June 3, 2012 (yes 2012), the LAPL is hosting a fabulous collection of photos and pop art to commemorate the Mexican Revolution, which began on Nov, 20, 1910 and lasted for a decade.

Para aquellos a los que nos pasó de noche este dato en la clase de historia de México, or if you’re a history buff with a curiosity for the first decades of the 1900’s, this is a treat. I’ve always thought the Mexican Revolution images are extremely powerful and convey such bravery by humble men and women who stood up for change back then.

Click HERE for more info.

Cool graphics, great art at the exhibit, at the Getty Gallery in the downtown Central Library.

Know your Mexican Historical Figures... y a ver si la "revolución nos hace justicia" como dicen por ahí.

Pancho Villa y sus cuates, aka his "Staff".

Pop art, Mexican Revolution style.

Love the photographs from the Mexican Revolution.

2. “Beauty Culture” at the Annenberg Space for Photography (Century City)

As any woman knows, we have a complex relationship with beauty. Who or what defines it? This is a question that comes to mind as you look at this fabulous compilation of images taken from beauty and fashion editorial magazines. There is also a thought provoking documentary by Lauren Greenfield and other photographers showing each hour, and it is not to be missed!

You are not allowed to take pictures, but I sneaked a few of them anyway… Click HERE for more info. This one ends November 27 so you should go soon.

¿La reconocen? It's Salma Hayek by Matthew Rolston, 2008.

Hundreds of magazine images, beautiful women, interesting analysis.

The video documentary exhibit at the central lounge.

Is gray hair beautiful? The model Carmen certainly makes you think so.

3 thoughts on “Two FREE photo & art exhibits for your weekend in LA

  1. Aaaah! se llama Carmen, le vemos por todos los techos aqui en la campannia publicitaria de El Palacio de Hierro (si no me equivoco) le digo a Sofía que esconde las manos porque, como la Jane Fonda, ahi se le nota la edad!!

    Me encantó lo de ‘FRANCISCO VILLA & STAFF’ !

    Necesito ir a turistear LA (lo que hay fuera del Magic Kingdom)…

    bon weekend mon amie!

  2. I wanted to see the Beauty Culture photo exhibit when I saw the outdoor signs (on lamps) a couple months ago. Then I totally forgot about it till I saw your post. Perfect way to spend Saturday post-brunch. THANKS!!

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