Friday newsflash: Wear a hard hat!

Hey did you hear? Que ahi viene un dead satellite del tamaño de un camión tumbling towards the Earth and NASA DOESN’T KNOW WHERE IT”S GONNA LAND.

Why didn’t we wear a helmet today,  I ask? I don’t understand why this is not breaking news all over the place. This outdated, obsolete dead piece of technology weighs 6 TONS and is tumbling in “ways we can’t control”… says a NASA spokesperson. “Chances are 1 in 3200 that some human, SOMEWHERE, will be hit…But with 7 billion persons in the planet, the chance that you’ll be hit is 1 in 21 trillion.”

Don’t you just love statistics?

Go to this link from Brian Williams at NBC News for more info. (Gotta love Brian Williams and his dry sense of humor.)

The satellite is the size of the bus and will break into 26 pieces, "so we have THAT to look forward to," says Brian Williams from NBC News.

2 thoughts on “Friday newsflash: Wear a hard hat!

  1. I met a NASA science guy on one of my flights a couple weeks ago who was telling me about the satellite launch to the Moon. Funny enough, I asked him what happens to satellites once they are obsolete or damaged. He said they usually have a self-destruct mode, go out of orbit and fly out somewhere else or burn in the Earth’s atmosphere before getting anywhere near “us”. Let’s hope!

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