Netflix, what the hell?

Did you hear about the recent changes to Netflix? Not only have they doubled the subscription rate “just because we feel like it,” they are now separating into 2 companies: Quickster, which will handle DVDs, and Netflix will continue to stream online. You’ll go to 2 different websites to select movies and you’ll get 2 separate bills on your credit card. (Bad move, people!)

People are mad! I’m mad!  I’m seriously considering dropping my subscription and just going to the movie theaters more often. (Oh wait, eso me sale más caro.)

Screen shot from the LA Times. By the way, I hate the name Quickster.

Evidently, the senior management team at Netflix never heard of the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” because not only are they breaking their company apart, they’re practically plunging down their stock value and alienating us.

This consumer discontent is already making the rounds in the news. See the link from the LA Times published today and tell me, would any sane business person really think this was a smart business move? It doesn’t make sense to mess with your loyal customers.

Read it here: “Once high flying Netflix is now stumbling.” (LAT, Sept. 20. 2011)

Maybe Netflix empezó a descuidar a su consumer base ever since they announced they were expanding into Latin America and other parts of the world. I know my friends and family in México were so excited. Of course they wouldn’t be receiving DVDs through the mail y con el cartero (el correo parece que se quedo en el siglo pasado en algunos lugares) but they’re all down for getting the service online. Hmm, maybe I should alert them to think twice before subscribing. It’s hard to recommend them after this fiasco.

Pero si no es Netflix, ahora con quien nos vamos? Se acabaron los video rental places. Maybe now the local Blockbuster store wishes they had stuck around just a bit longer, right?

4 thoughts on “Netflix, what the hell?

  1. You know, if Netflix with his recommended movies was a man, I would marry him at the nearest church.. he knows me so well. I’m not sure if the change in prices waiver my feelings, since I am solely instant play – it beats the price of cable and a TV.

  2. I love the Instant Streaming(via my Wii) and having movies in queue. Incidentally I love that word “queue”. All of those vowels stuck in one syllable. Back to my point, what I don’t love about Netflix is that it doesn’t offer the same films on Instant Streaming that they do on the DVD service. Hence the different pricing and naming of the “companies” and their ploy to get you to subscribe to both services.

    NOT GONNA HAPPEN, at least for me. The whole thing feels like a tease.

    Then again, HULU, a “free” streaming service is also retarded because if you subscribe to the paid service, HULU PLUS, you STILL get ads in your video streams! I thought the point of paying was so that you didn’t have to watch ads. So far, no one-stop shop in my book.

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