¿Quién vio los Emmys? Apparently not mucha gente.

So the Emmy Awards were on last night and even though I was kind of curious, I skipped it. No particular reason, I was busy with other stuff and it just did not have much of an appeal for me this year.

I guess I wasn’t alone, since the ratings dropped yet again, for like the 4th year in a row, according to this link on HuffPo, but since they keep going against the football games on the other networks, it’s no surprise.

Yet after reading the recaps, there was a moment I would’ve liked to watch. It was the award for best actress in a comedy, which went to Melissa McArthy, the actress from Mike and Molly. Never have watched the show on CBS, to be honest, but I guess she must be good in it because she beat out TINA FEY, Martha Plimpton, EDIE FALCO!!, Amy Poehler, and LAURA LINNEY. Tough category!

All of the nominees stood up on stage, holding hands, Miss Universe beauty pageant style. It was so refreshing to show genuine support and a true feminine bond in an industry that thrives on antagonizing women against each other.  When Melissa was announced, she got a tiara, flowers, an Emmy, and everyone was happy for her. Aqui entre nos,  it was really sweet to see that she was recognized for her work, a pesar de ser la gordita del grupo. (Pero ese es ooootro tema, we need to see more real people on screen.)

To read about the Best and Worst moments from the show, click here for the review from the Los Angeles Times.

Arriba las Mujeres!! Great TV moment, las nominadas a Best Actress in a Comedy Role, presented as a Beauty Pageant: Tina Fey, Martha Plimpton, Mellisa McArthy, Amy Poehler, Edie Falco, and Laura Linney. (Photo from LA Times)

And the winner is... Melissa McArthy. Rob Lowe puts on the tiara. Nice! (Photo from LA Times)

¡Qué Guapa! Latinas represent. Sofía Vergara from the award winning show "Modern Family." Photo: Frazer Harrison/ Grazer images.

3 thoughts on “¿Quién vio los Emmys? Apparently not mucha gente.

  1. yo si lo vi, fue lo mejor, desde que se subio la amy on stage no me pare de reir!
    la cara del rob lowe de que fregados haces arriba del escenario, la melissa mcarthy me cae muy bien desde gilmore girls y samantha who? mike and molly solo lo he visto una vez…me sorprendio ver a la martha plimpton de comediante??
    no se si esto fue rehearsed pero estuvo chistoso..

  2. Yo también vi “Los Emmys” estuvo muy chistoso cuando se subio al escenario la Amy Pohler,luego que se sube la Melissa,luego Edie y después todas allá arriba echandose buena vibra… it was empowering! haha
    Me dio mucho gusto que ganara Melissa McCarthy… Esta morra la mccarthy es muy chistosa.. acabo de ver “Bridesmaids”, salen las SNL girls (Wiig,Maya Rudolph,Rose BYrny,Jon Hamm,Mccarthy…) buenísima, me rei bastante para este tipo de movies que son comedias americanas pero si son cosas que pasan entre las mujeres…la recomiendo.

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