Charlie’s Angels is back. And we have a giveaway!

The fall season is here and I can’t help but be intrigued by the new version of Charlie’s Angels. (O “Los Angeles de Charlie,” como les decíamos en mi casa.)

They're back! Los Angeles de Charlie, versión 2011.

Yes, the fabulous tv show we all grew up with in the 70’s (for those of you who were around then…) is back on tv, starting next Thursday September 22 at 8 pm on ABC.

That's a good looking cast: Ramón Rodriguez, Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor from "Charlie's Angels"

Drew Barrymore returns as executive producer of the show, after producing the hit movies in the early 2000’s and making the series hip again. (Me cae SUPER bien la Drew, además de que me encanta que sea muy lista para el show business y para producir cosas exitosas.)

The premise looks good, with a new cast and a new setting in beautiful Miami. The Angels are Abby (Rachael Taylor), Eve (Minka Kelly), and Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) but now we even have a Hispanic guy in the mix, Ramon Rodríguez, who plays Bosley.

Hey, it would not make sense for it to take place in Miami and not include alguien que al menos parezca latino.

¡Es guapo! Ramón Rodriguez es Bosley.

Here’s a preview of the show.

And now for some great news: To celebrate the launch of the new show, we have a giveaway for Life in Spanglish readers. (Ustedes saben quienes son.)

One (1) lucky reader will win a $50 Visa Cash Card! The card is valid worldwide so I can send it to you even if you don’t live in the USA.

For a chance to win please do the following , it’s easy!

  • Leave a comment BELOW and tell me who is your favorite angel (from the original TV show or movie)

The winner will be randomly selected and announced next Thursday Sept. 22.

Good luck! Y gracias por participar.

UPDATE::: And the winner is APRIL M. Thank you all for participating!



14 thoughts on “Charlie’s Angels is back. And we have a giveaway!

  1. I like them on FB with my username Mary Happymommy. Jaclyn Smith (Kelly on the original series) was my favorite because she was classy.

  2. Definitely, Jacklyn Smith, she was and still is a very classy lady, and I don’t know if I (way back then, just a little girl) identified with her because she was what I wanted to be, the intelligent brunnette with the long wavy hair, like a real life action heroine/barbie

  3. My favorite Charlie’s Angel is Jaclyn Smith. She came across as more accessible than Farrah or Kate but in a good way. I mean I still want her haircut. I think she is a beautiful brunette and she looks like a nice person.

  4. Really good looking cast…ojala este padre el programa…

    On a different note: ayer en el IV Mall me acorde de tu blog…haciendo fila para comprar comida china, la seniora de atras de mi la dice a la muchacha que atendia: me puedes dar un little plate para hacer share con una little girl?….ja! me encanto.
    Besos Cris.

  5. Jaclyn Smith was my favorite Angel. She is so beautiful and classy.
    The trailer for this new version of Charlie’s Angels looks really good. I’ll watch it.
    I’ll support Drew.

  6. My favorite angel was definitely Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson). She was the brainy one of the bunch- let’s face it, she was the brains of the operation. Her sharp wit and strategic thinking won me over.

  7. Like some of the other commenters I like Jaclyn Smith because she feels a little more relatable. 🙂

    I also checked the FB page out and follow them on twitter! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

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