Newest Twitter Obession: @ElBloombito

Ahhh! Can I just share I fell in love with this Twitter feed? It was born during Hurricane Irene and inspired by Mayor Bloomberg’s communications and media alerts before the storm in NYC. What a brilliant writer/blogger, Rachel Figueroa-Levin is! Amazing Spanglish, but inverted, al revés volteado.

For example: “Esta un beautifonito day en el outside! Go to un parko! No smokingo!”

Even  the New York Times takes notice today. You know you really made it when you’re in the New York Times. Click HERE for the link to the article.

Follow “El Bloombito” on Twitter at @elbloombito and Rachel’s feed at @jewyorican. Funny stuff!

@elbloombito feed on Weds., August 31st.

2 thoughts on “Newest Twitter Obession: @ElBloombito

  1. sure fire way to ‘be bilingual’…to speak english in spanish add an article before the word and an -o to the word…to speak spanish in english add -tion to any verb … easier than taking a class and less expensive than complete immersion travelling to México or USA, plus it’s just plain funny…caution: not to be used in a job interview unless you’re applying for a job in the government

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