A new must see movie: “A Better Life”

Happy Monday….

These are the dog days of summer, where you start pondering how it all went by so fast, right?

I did not watch many movies these summer, but the ones I did had a profound effect.  I have still to catch up on so many of them, but for right now, let me tell you about this one that has received wonderful reviews and has hit close to home.

We've seen him in novelas, theater, tv series and now more frequently in films in the US. Demian Bichir is an amazing actor. Photo from the NY Times.

“A Better Life” stars Demian Bichir, yes the same Demian we all grew up with from Mexico, in a powerful role as a character we all see here in Los Angeles everyday: the honest day worker, gardener and immigrant who wants a chance at “a better life.” It is a beautiful character and performance, directed by Chris Weitz (director of About a Boy, which is another great film.) Even though immigration is a complicated political subject these days, they’ve presented a story that’s all about humanity, family, and heart.

Here’s an interesting fact: Chris Weitz is the grandson of Lupita Tovar, the famous Mexican actress who came to Hollywood in the 1930’s. No wonder he gets the sensibilities right, you can see there’s a certain honor and respect for immigrants and the culture. He was on NPR recently, speaking of his movie and his experience researching the subject with actual illegal immigrants in LA. (This interview is totally worth 20 minutes of your time: Click here to listen: Chris Weitz, from New Moon to A Better Life.

Here’s the the link to the New York Times article just published this weekend on Demian “The Devil and Demian Bichir” – a great profile on a great actor you’ll be seeing more of.

And here’s the trailer for “A Better Life” which played in theaters briefly. Check your listings and go support it if you can.

3 thoughts on “A new must see movie: “A Better Life”

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