Lopez Tonight is cancelled. There goes the only Latino on late nite.

Pues qué lastima. Maybe you heard of the surprise cancellation of George Lopez’  late night show “Lopez Tonight” on TBS. Maybe you care or maybe you don’t (most people I know don’t care and didn’t really watch it) but today people are talking about it online, on the radio and on the news.

As an occasional viewer, I was sometimes turned off by his sense of humor (not my cup of tea, es muy “pesado” para mis gustos) and the midnight hour/schedule…too late for me. But I was pleased that he had the airtime and the show going, if only because of the ego, el orgullo de que un mexicano from the San Fernando Valley could make it to the big leagues. I guess what I’m trying to say is I did not really like his show as a viewer, but I’m sad it will no longer be on TV every night. (Does this make any sense?)

I went to a show taping once and let me tell you, George and his staff were true professionals. Those people work their butts off non-stop during the live taping. He is actually a very cool guy in person, chistoso, simpático y decente. But on tv he creates this persona that has to be constantly pushing the limits and can turn offensive (just ask Kirstie Alley about the piggy jokes!) Yet he was gracious enough to move over his time slot so Conan O’Brien could come to TBS with his new show last year, after his exit drama at NBC…So I’m sure this cancellation has got to hurt.

From his Twitter feed @georgelopez, getting all sorts of messages from fans and other comedians. He also tweeted to thank everyone for the support..

Here’s a link from the LA Times that describes his monologue from last night’s show, taped just after the cancellation was announced. Vamos a ver que dice hoy en la noche, a lo mejor se le ve un poquito más ardido, or maybe he decides to keep taking the high road and not speak against the guys who cancelled him…for this we’ll be tuning in.  The last show airs tonight at midnight on TBS.

One thought on “Lopez Tonight is cancelled. There goes the only Latino on late nite.

  1. Never liked him nor his humor anyway…he must have felt like he lost a kidney or something without his show…. maybe he should ask his ex-wife how it feels?

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