Newest Twitter Obession: @ElBloombito

Ahhh! Can I just share I fell in love with this Twitter feed? It was born during Hurricane Irene and inspired by Mayor Bloomberg’s communications and media alerts before the storm in NYC. What a brilliant writer/blogger, Rachel Figueroa-Levin is! Amazing Spanglish, but inverted, al revés volteado.

For example: “Esta un beautifonito day en el outside! Go to un parko! No smokingo!”

Even  the New York Times takes notice today. You know you really made it when you’re in the New York Times. Click HERE for the link to the article.

Follow “El Bloombito” on Twitter at @elbloombito and Rachel’s feed at @jewyorican. Funny stuff!

@elbloombito feed on Weds., August 31st.

Salió desde el alma…un manifiesto por México

Hoy 25 de Agosto 2011, mi comadre y soulmate Alexandra Uro Villardaga escribió estos tweets desde lo más profundo de su conciencia. (Follow her on twitter at: @AlexandraUro)…

Hoy fue uno de esos días en que las noticias desmoralizan en el DF, ciudad en donde vive. Esto fue lo que escribió en un momento de desesperación que yo también comprendo, y son palabras que me han conmovido muchísimo. Además me ha puesto a pensar en qué tengo que hacer yo como mexicana para poder contribuír a la solución.

Lo comparto, pues a pesar de que este blog sea de Spanglish y pueda ser trivial y ligero, los que estamos fuera igual sentimos una profunda tristeza y añoranza por México, al que recordamos y queremos.


Ya ni la radio puedo oír sin sentir una profunda tristeza por el momento que nos esta tocando vivir…espero que sea el momento y no…

…una horrible transformación que está sufriendo nuestra sociedad…que dolor tan grande!!

No me pesa no estar informada, no me da pena no saber de qué hablan los ‘informados’…esta es una realidad a la cual no deseo pertenecer…

…Sé que existe todo lo que sucede, PERO NO QUIERO SABER LOS DETALLES, mi alma y mi mente no pueden cargar con todas esas imágenes…

…de lo que está pasando en mi país, en la ciudad donde vivo ahora y mucho menos en la ciudad donde nací…no quiero a mis hijos expuestos

a esto! no quiero que sepan de que SON CAPACES SUS COMPATRIOTAS, que estas barbaridades están pasando justo por donde ellos caminan…

…y quien lee esto puede pensar: Pues sal de tu zona de confort y haz algo!! y yo diría YA ESTOY HACIENDO ALGO desde mi zona de confort..

…estoy siendo fuerte e inteligente y criando hijos sanos que no siembren un árbol para contrarrestar todos lo talados por unos tarados…

…mis hijos sembrarán un árbol porque reconocen el valor de este en el ciclo de la vida; tendrán valores cívicos por convicción…

…y no porque ven que los demás se pasan las leyes, los derechos y las obligaciones por el arco del triunfo… mis hijos no saldrán…

…a remediar los errores y omisiones de otros, saldrán a hacer las cosas bien porque sólo así saben hacerlas…eso ESTOY HACIENDO DESDE…


It’s Google Appreciation Day. Love the Google-doodle in honor of Jorge Luis Borges

Oh Google! How I love thee today. You just keep us inspired and ever so curious with each Google-doodle you come up with, like the recent Frida Kahlo one and the electric guitar honoring Les Paul.

Today, August 24th, would have been Jorge Luis Borges’ 112th birthday. What a clever and beautiful way to honor one of the best- and most complicated- Latin American writers of the 20th century.

It’s been a while since I read Ficciones (1944) and other works of his, but this little reminder makes me want to take a closer look at the life of a genius man who pushed the limits of imagination.

Here’s a link to the video with the doodle. Nice going Google!

A new must see movie: “A Better Life”

Happy Monday….

These are the dog days of summer, where you start pondering how it all went by so fast, right?

I did not watch many movies these summer, but the ones I did had a profound effect.  I have still to catch up on so many of them, but for right now, let me tell you about this one that has received wonderful reviews and has hit close to home.

We've seen him in novelas, theater, tv series and now more frequently in films in the US. Demian Bichir is an amazing actor. Photo from the NY Times.

“A Better Life” stars Demian Bichir, yes the same Demian we all grew up with from Mexico, in a powerful role as a character we all see here in Los Angeles everyday: the honest day worker, gardener and immigrant who wants a chance at “a better life.” It is a beautiful character and performance, directed by Chris Weitz (director of About a Boy, which is another great film.) Even though immigration is a complicated political subject these days, they’ve presented a story that’s all about humanity, family, and heart.

Here’s an interesting fact: Chris Weitz is the grandson of Lupita Tovar, the famous Mexican actress who came to Hollywood in the 1930’s. No wonder he gets the sensibilities right, you can see there’s a certain honor and respect for immigrants and the culture. He was on NPR recently, speaking of his movie and his experience researching the subject with actual illegal immigrants in LA. (This interview is totally worth 20 minutes of your time: Click here to listen: Chris Weitz, from New Moon to A Better Life.

Here’s the the link to the New York Times article just published this weekend on Demian “The Devil and Demian Bichir” – a great profile on a great actor you’ll be seeing more of.

And here’s the trailer for “A Better Life” which played in theaters briefly. Check your listings and go support it if you can.

Mi favorite Spanglish professor Bill Santiago is in the Huffington Post.

Read all about it! Bill Santiago, Spanglish genius, comedian and fabulous writer has a great column today over at HuffPo. Get over there and take a look.

Click here to go to the link.

Great writing, funny stuff! Bill Santiago's "Harry The Dirty" post from HuffPo.

I promise you, promise you you’re going to LOVE his writing. In fact,  I’m going to re-read it just about now. He also has a brilliant way of explaining Spanglish to people like me who can’t describe it any better than just a mesh of 2 languages in my brain, going on “al mismo tiempo”.

But here’s an excerpt:

…See, this is the way a properly wired Spanglish mind processes information — constantly analyzing English and Spanish in terms of each other, scrutinizing translations, combinations, confabulations. Your brain is in a constant loop between the two operating systems, your two cultures, your two realities. Granted, most of the time it’s unconscious. Uno ni se da cuenta, really, that you’re doing it. It’s just that cuando you have both languages inside you, vives en los dos a la vez. It’s very quantum, como quien dice.

It can be a little dizzying to always be filtering the world in a Spanglish default mode. Pero, would I want it any other way? ¡Jamás! Which by the way is one of my favorite Spanish words, meaning “never” or “never again” or “when el infierno freezes over.”

There’s a lot of passion in the word jamás; you can feel it when you say it, spewing up like magma from way inside your gut. It’s pronounced with a soft ‘j’ (like an ‘h’ in English), not with the jelly ‘j’ in pajamas. You can hold that soft ‘j’ sound as long as you like, depending how much you are feeling it in the moment, and then nail the sentiment with a dramatic accented stress on the last syllable. It’s very cathartic. ‘Never’ can also be translated into Spanish as ‘nunca,’ of course. But ‘nunca,’ isn’t nearly as strong a word. It only means never. Whereas ‘jamás’ means never ever ever ever ever. So never say ‘nunca’ when you mean ‘jamás.’ Not to be confused with Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, by the way.

See what I mean? Es la única persona que me puede explicar lo que pasa en mi cabeza con los dos idiomas. And with comedy!

You can also get Bill’s book, “Pardon My Spanglish” over at Amazon and catch his stand-up around the country. His website is on my blog roll to the left.

Este, señores, es el Spanglish Bible. Leanlo please. "Pardon My Spanglish" by Bill Santiago is available on

Saludos Bill! Keep the funny posts coming.

What to do this weekend? Visit DTLA.

Aren’t you just in awe of how time flies? Already the weekend of August 12, the dog days of Summer 2011. Where does time go? (Insisto en mi teoria de que somewhere in a galaxy far far away, someone is speeding up the clocks, making time go faster… so we can just catch up. But I digress...)

Como seguimos en el presente, gracias a Dios, aquí les pongo unas fotos que tomé en un field trip con mi amiguita Robin cuando hicimos un viaje a DTLA (her new hood!) where we discovered some unconventional photo opps which had a few film references. (Thank you my friend for an amazing day.)

Downtown LA is the most interesting place in LA right now. It’s all happening down there. But don’t take my word for it. Plan a little trip and see for yourself. Come to think of it, take some time off this weekend and enjoy the scenery, will you? Aprovechemos las 48 horas que tenemos este fin.

He dicho.

At the Los Angeles Central Market. Chinese food sounds good!

25 cents will take you up Angel's Flight and make you relive a little bit of LA history.

Then you can admire the green view above Angels Knoll Park. It was the scene for the movie 500 Days of Summer.

Fancy a spot for meditation? This bench will do the trick.

One of the underground scenes in downtown. The movie "The Soloist" was shot here.

This is a thing of beauty, if only because an LA street is completely empty. Very uncommon.

A really tall woman was standing next to a really tall building. (It's The Bonaventure hotel, where the Clint Eastwood movie "In the Line of Fire" was made.)