I left my heart inside the LAPL

Para que no piensen que éste es un blog de puras frivolidades, como en mi post anterior que realmente me dejó pensando si es necesario aumentar a los chismes que no aportan nada a nadie (yes, I have a conscience) ahora les comento de algo que de verdad makes me really, really happy.

The downtown Central Library, which I’ve posted about in the past and which is absolutely one of my favorite places in LA, has now resumed extended hours after Mondays & Sundays were removed from the schedule in 2010, due to all the budget cuts we have going on in California. So they are almost back to normal, while still closed on Sundays.

One of the best places to visit in downtown LA.

I just made a visit this week and saw the flyer with the announcement, which appropriately is printed both in English and Spanish. It says “Re-opening libraries on Mondays is the first stage in a four-year restoration of library service hours made possible by voter-approved Measure L.  For more information: http://www.lapl.org/Measure-L.”

Back again on Mondays, service hours for the Los Angeles Public Libraries.

So here’s my suggestion to you: make a visit to the beautiful Central Library building on 5th and Flower St., enjoy this amazing FREE service that the city provides, READ a book this summer, and support your local library… He dicho…(You’ll be happy you did.)

4 thoughts on “I left my heart inside the LAPL

  1. Es mejor comentar cosas que son de provecho para los que leemos tu blog y no cosas de gente que ni nos interesan, a mi me encantaría ir a la biblioteca, a ver cuando me invitas…………Cristina Rodriguez

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