But they seemed so happy…

Forgive me for indulging in a little mid week chisme, but the recent celebrity breakups have me doing all sorts of mindless reflections. One could argue it’s a waste of time, but I figure since they’re practically everyone’s guilty pleasure, why not address it here?

Maybe they all got together and planned out the month (or at least their publicists did) but two very high profile famous couples called it quits this July, in a very quick succession.

You all heard of J-Lo and Marc Anthony’s parting of the ways during Carmageddon weekend , almost entirely wiping out all the other news. Ya salieron in every talk show, magazine, news outlet you can think of, and it’s interesting how mostly everybody is taking HER side while painting an unflattering portrait of Marc Anthony. Dicen que he was an insecure, controlling husband who also happened to have a few flings. Call me jaded, but I don’t think la J-Lo es una santa and she very well must have her own little issues as well. (Y’all know I’m not a big fan, but I digress.) I’m just saying it’s kind of unfair to him.

Sell more issues! Sell, sell, sell!

El único beneficiado fue el William Levy, who got plenty of air time and mentions on all the shows as the possible leitmotif of all this drama, after he shot that music video on the beach with her. (Hey Wills, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?)

Otros que nos dieron la sorpresa fue La Reina del Sur herself, Ms. Kate del Castillo,  who very casually announced, over Twitter, that she and her husband of 2 years, Aaron Diaz, are separating. It was one of those vague messages that don’t say anything and still meet with the pc codes of the industry. Según esto, se quieren tanto que se tienen que separarSay what?

Kate's Tweet.

I know it’s none of my business, but since I just saw La Reina del Sur (only like the best drama series en español ever) I can imagine it was uncomfortable for him to watch the love scenes with El Guero, El Gallego, and El Teo,  even with the ugly panzón character (I forget his name) and have to deal with her traveling all over the place to work and promote the series. Her dear old Dad, the wonderful actor Eric del Castillo, didn’t do her any favors by saying to People en Español they did not have “un matrimonio normal” just last week. Not only that, but the recent premiere of her new movie “Without Men”  in which she has a lesbian scene with Eva Longoria, has ignited more fuel to that rumor that has been going around ever since she ended her last marriage to the soccer player.

So who knows the real motives, and really who cares? The magazines/websites  will keep adding rumors and spin this just to sell more issues, get us all hooked until the next big chisme del corazón comes along.  All I know is, como decía mi amigo Alex Munguía, qepd, “En Hollywood, hasta el amor es falso.”

Here’s a link to Kate and Aaron’s happier days in a photogallery from Quien.com.

4 thoughts on “But they seemed so happy…

  1. A poco se separaron la Kate y el Aaron, no sabía… el Marco Antonio y la JLO nunca entendí, después de estar enamoradísima de Ben Affleck, te casas con Marc Antony?? I don’t get it.

  2. good one! y como tu, not my cup of coffee estar siguiendo el ‘chisme’, pero pues if it’s everywhere then it must be news!! o para los conspiracy theory afficionados, algo andaran tramando para tener los medios atorados con estas, perdon a los implicados y a sus fans, TONTERIAS!!

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