Summer fun at the “happiest place on Earth”

How’s your Summer 2011 going so far? Hopefully all is good and you’re enjoying it.

This week I had a chance to revisit Disneyland, after a 5 year hiatus. I think it’s been too long or I just didn’t have any sobrinitos around for a while, so I had no excuse to go. But now it’s “sobrinos/sobrinas galore” so I think this is the first of a new series of visits. This time (and last time as well) I went with mi comadre, Alexandra, and the beautiful family, Pablo (el ahijado) y Sofía y el compadre Vinny. And we had a blast, I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids. Except for the long lines, todo estuvo bien padre.

My lasting impression was a) Wow, Disneyland is SMALL (funny how things become smaller with time) and b) is it just me or is $17.95 for a  roast beef sandwich at one of their restaurants just a tad too expensive?? I know… I know, what did I expect right? Pero como dice Pablo cuando no está totalmente de acuerdo con algo, “Pues no me encanta.

The parade was fun, the fireworks were amazing and the day was a success, because at the end we were all so very tired, but happy. So happy we said we’re not coming back in at least another 5 years….

(Gracias Comadre for a fabulous time! We did it again!)

Great parade at Main Street, Disneyland.

El Mickey Mouse durante el parade.

Still my favorite: Las Tazitas (Not to say the Tea Party Cups, hello Disney, you have to change the name now.)

Wow, sign of the times! Used to be you could never find any names other than the "standard white." Now it's Carlos and Carmen next to Britanny and Brooke. Qué tal?

Hey, now your "Abuelito" can have his llavero as well as your Aunt.

How do they do it? ALL the characters and princesses look EXACTLY like the cartoons! Here's the Little Mermaid in the flesh.

Ahi sigue la ballena de Pinocho, even after all these years. The Matterhorn is also still there but it's "out of business." Boo!

3 thoughts on “Summer fun at the “happiest place on Earth”

  1. Fantastic place for kids. I have been in Disneyland LA twice, it was a couple of summers long time ago. Regards

  2. jajajaaa…Comadre, llegué a la conclusión: Disney no es para los que buscan satisfacción in-me-dia-ta (al leerlo, acompanarlo con un tronar de dedos)…la siguiente visita, si llenamos de vuelta el piggy back o mas bien marranote (como bien dijo la Fabiola) será a California Adventure, porque creo que no aguantaría que en la primer fila de 70mins los ninos vuelvan a decir: “mejor vamonos a la alberca del hotel!” aaaaaaaaaa…sin tu compania no hubiera aguantado comadrita, ademas con quien hubiera suspirado al ver los fireworks…AAAAHHHHH BEAUTIFUL, thanks for the memories!!

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