They’re calling it “Carmageddon” in LA and I’m getting the heck out of town!

If you live in Los Angeles then you know the price we pay for enjoying wonderful La La Land: Traffic. All.The.Time.

So it should be no suprise to anyone that the 405 freeway closure next weekend (July 16 and 17) will be a mess for the westside. (Pronostican que se va a hacer un desmadre.)

For over a month we’ve been hearing the warnings, but now that it’s almost here, you can sense people are really really worried about this. So heads up! If you live in the area, stay home. If you are planning on traveling by car that weekend, change you plans, and if you’re flying out of LAX, just plan to sleep at a hotel nearby. No se confíen amiguitos, this 405 closure sounds really scary. Por algo le están diciendo el “Carmageddon” en todos lados.

We’ve heard that Metro LA  enlisted Lady Gaga to tweet about it, so she can remind us. And they also asked Poncharello himself, the original CHiP, Erik Estrada to do a PSA (public service announcement) in English AND in Spanish.

Here’s the Spanish version from youtube. (Todavía no se le quita lo “pocho”. Lo digo con cariño, that’s the original pocho accent we grew up with.)

So avoid driving, do your grocery shopping in advance and prepare to stay home. Hey, what a novel idea!

One thought on “They’re calling it “Carmageddon” in LA and I’m getting the heck out of town!

  1. Aiyah! Just realized I fly back into LAX during Car-mageddon. Since I don’t usually take the 405 on the way back, hopefully it won’t be too bad (one can dream).

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