This TV week is making me sad… ah cómo he llorado!

Ay!! Me está costando trabajo ver la tele esta semana…

Después de ver el finale de  Oprah, I confess I cried a little bit. Did you see it? Even though it sounded like a commencement speech from college, you have to admit it was a great way to say goodbye and inspire us  “until we meet again.” Godspeed Oprah!

Ahora me queda otro final, el de La Reina del Sur. Es el próximo lunes por Telemundo. Este como que me llegó muy rápido. So many things happened to Teresa Mendoza that it seems like a lifetime of suffering since we started watching her back in February. She’s endured, she’s fought back, she’s survived…for now.

El capítulo de anoche también “moved me to tears” (van a decir que soy una llorona, which I am, no offense taken.) There was this scene on a cliff by the sea, Teresa was crying and suddenly I just felt immense compassion for her. So much sadness! But she’s a criminal (we keep reminding ourselves)… and yet there is a decent human being there, a woman with a big heart, con mucho valor. We don’t see enough of these women on t.v., you know. There should be more interesting characters like her. And it takes a wonderful actress to play one. Kate del Castillo, you rock! Never once did you play her as a victim, or as the “sufrida” we all know from all the novelas de Televisa. This was one amazing role you pulled off. Tienes todo mi respeto, Reina del Sur.

La Reina llora.. y nos conmovió mucho.

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