Me gusta Pitbull! And he’s everywhere these days.

Need any cool songs for your summer party playlist? Let me recommend you get all of Pitbull’s songs right now. (His new album drops June 21st.)

Don’t let my NPR loving ways fool you, I came to the realization this week that I have a crush on Pitbull.

Pitbull, also known as Armando Christian Perez. (Photo from MySpace.)

Maybe it happened during Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night, where he had a fabulous set with Neyo, or when one of his songs popped up on my Ipod on shuffle mode, but it suddenly dawned on me: he’s hot and he makes me want to dance.

The “Featuring Pitbull” description seems to be a hit guarantee these days. Just look at this list: Usher (featuring Pitbull) has “DJ Has Us Falling in Love Again”; J-Lo (featuring Pitbull) has “Get on The Floor” (the lamabada song); Enrique Iglesias (featuring Pitbull) has “Baby I Like It,” and then there’s Pitbull (featuring Neyo and Nayer) with “Give Me Everything Tonight.”

Plus, I read from his MySpace page that he’s visiting my hometown, Mexicali, this weekend for a concert on May 20th at the Fex. I am very impressed he’s going down to the border.

So here’s his performance with Neyo and Nayer on DWTS. This song is better live, just listen to the drumbeat, y a menos de que seas piedra, I know this song will get you moving.

4 thoughts on “Me gusta Pitbull! And he’s everywhere these days.

  1. A little birdy (very VIP birdy) told me his next project is with non-other than Janet Jackson…

    THat dude really IS everywhere..

  2. I also heard from a reliable source that he’ll be on the Tonight Show, J Kimmel Live, Lopez Tonight, Conan and the Today Show Summer Concert Series.
    And yes, he’s everywhere!

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