Frida at Zara. Cool T’s!

Stopped by my local Zara store last night and was sooo surprised to see these fab t-shirts de la Frida Kahlo.

Of course I’m not going to go into the commercialization of her legacy and how these mass produced t-shirts would go against all she stood for (hello capitalism vs. socialists, art vs. commerce) pero sabes que? These are really cool!

Take your pick and find them soon at Zara. There are not many left. A mi siempre me pasa que ya cuando quieres regresar por algo, nunca encuentras nada.

3 T-shirts to choose from. Me gustan.

2 thoughts on “Frida at Zara. Cool T’s!

  1. Es interesante como localizan los productos. Precisamente durante el fin de semana me di una vuelta en Zara de Hong Kong y en vez de ver esas camisetas con imágenes de Frida Kahlo había unas de Bruce Lee 😛 .

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