Esta noche me desvelo con William and Kate.

Bring out the Royal Doulton china, the English Breakfast tea, the scones and the cucumber sandwiches. I am staying up all night to watch the Wedding of the Year.

Call me frivolous and old fashioned, I am not embarrassed to admit I love “royal chismes” and revistas del corazón. It’s my (non) guilty pleasure and fix. Yes, I buy “Hola” magazine at 6 bucks a pop, and browse through it taking my own sweet time.  “El chisme también es cultura,” como alguna otra revista del corazón decía, así como para justificar esos intereses vacíos que tenemos. And frankly, I have been in social situations where my “chisme fix/cultura general” actually came to the rescue. It makes for good small talk, you know.  (Another time the chisme-paparazzi in me generated an embarassing moment, a run in with a Mexican political “celebrity” family who happened to be shopping at Loehman’s, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, I’m excited about it because 30 years ago I watched Diana and Charles’ wedding at my grandmother’s house. I remember when Lady Di got out of the car with her father and the excitement we all felt when we saw the dress. This time, GRACIAS A DIOS, I will again share the experience with my Mama Lilia, as she has told me she wants to get up to see it with me.  And that makes me very happy!

(And I know my friend Alex will sneak a bird’s eye view at Westminster, wearing his most dashing suit. He’ll probably be eavesdropping and get the scoop. He used to prepare the best teas for me, the British way, with whole milk and honey. God I miss him.)

So good luck to the couple, William and Catherine. Hope they put on a good show, hope the dress is fabulous and everybody’s happy in the end. We need happy stories. As Newsweek magazine said recently on their cover, “In a world gone mad, thank God for a wedding.”

William and Catherine, Guillermo y Catalina, Wills and Kate, Memo y Cata... call them what you will, they make a beautiful couple. (Photo by Mario Testino.)

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