Monday morning boo: KIA que tontería.

Ok, it’s Monday. Bear with me as I rant about a meaningless item I ran across during my morning commute.

As I sat down to relax on the  metro and browsed through Real Simple magazine’s May issue, I came across this double page KIA ad that made me upset:

What in the world does a KIA Optima have to do with Hispanic indigenous culture?

What a weird concept: Slap a new silver car with a background that looks like Chichen-Itza, add a Latino looking dude in pseudo-Maya Indian looking gear and hope it sells cars to women in the 18-49 demo, right?

Looking for an "ancient chief"? Just make him look ethnic, put plumas on his head and a long skirt on his legs. There, that will do it!

Why should I even care, you ask? No es para tanto, nobody reads print ads anyway, right?

Well I do, and I am irked that some anglo copywriter and agency creative, who clearly has no clue about the Mayan culture or whomever they were trying to represent, used some generic crappy wordplay to convey an absurd message:

“This ancient chief could have asked the gods for absolutely anything. As you can see, he chose the all new 2011 Kia Optima…it makes perfect sense.”

Hmmmm, the “chief” asked the gods for this? Obviously they’ve never been to Tulum, Chichen Itza, or Uxmal.  The Ad Agency who produced this doesn’t know of the brilliance and mystical wisdom that characterizes the Mayan civilization.  Scientists, writers, astronomers, architects, math geniuses… they were advanced beyond our comprehension. But noooo, that’s not important. According to KIA,  what they really wanted was a car.

Another thing, KIA probably spent more on this 2 page spread in a magazine than what they care to allocate to their Hispanic media spending budget. Si supieran que we would probably be interested in this brand sólo por el price point if we knew more about it. We like and buy Honda, Toyota, Nissan. But Kia, nah, not so much.

5 thoughts on “Monday morning boo: KIA que tontería.

  1. si no hubieras puesto el mensaje que pusieron para “vender” este carro no sabria porque pusieron a un “cheif” en el Ad. super mal hecho el advertisement no? mala mercadotecnia…eeeen fin.

  2. Hi! I found your post when I googled the Kia ancient chief ad. I saw it recently in the May 2011 issue of Cooking Light, and I was appalled. The costume was terrible, the religious reference was just unconscionable! I want to know if there is any formal protest going on.


  3. I googled this after seeing this ad in men’s health. the idea and the wording are so dumb. i agree with you completely. plus, I believe Mayans had kings, not chiefs.

    A minor point – the center building is in Uxmal and the pyramid is in Chichen Itza.

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