La J-Lo tiene más vidas que un gato.

According to People Magazine, Jennifer Lopez is the World's Most Beautiful Woman. (Photo from

Pues fea no es… ¿pero J-Lo as the “Most Beautiful Woman”? Tampoco es para tanto, People!

Como que le han dado muchas alas últimamente a la Jenny from the Block. Parece que the Idol judging thing has really helped her carreer again y’knoww?? (asi como dice ella).  She’s a spokesperson for Maybelline and Gucci; they won’t stop playing her annoying Lamabada song on the radio (que copiona eres J-Lo, de veras) and she’s on TV during the week, so now with this magazine cover there’s no avoiding her newest comeback. Is this a Ryan Seacrest deal? I would not be surprised. Hay que ver quienes escogen a los Most Beautiful and what their parameters are.  I say it’s fixed!

(Just for the record, my vote is for Natalie Portman: Beauty AND Brains.)

3 thoughts on “La J-Lo tiene más vidas que un gato.

  1. I agree with Marisol and I would add that its funny how when its a Latina that is called the most beautiful woman in the world somehow its a problem. And don’t get me wrong I’ve been guilty of that too. It’s as if somehow when its someone that we can half relate to we just cannot believe they would ever even be able to make it on the list, and don’t even mention numero uno on that list! lol. By the way JLo can’t be all butt no brains and make as much money as she does, trust me she’s alot smarter than we think she is. Just imagine an average girl (with average features, really most girls in the bronx look like her when she doesn’t have all that makeup on) with minimal talent (minus being a good dancer of course), marketing herself all the way to the top. Let’s at least give some props for that! Thanks for blog LifeinSpanglish, as always a pleasure! 🙂

  2. tambien le voy a la Nats… pero esta J.Lo sabe venderse!!! she’s got brain for business, y la Natalie es inteligente para la cosa cultural y politica y quiensabe cuantos idiomas hable jajaja…. no? any way’s.. la J.Lo anda en todos lados y como que enfada a veces, acuerdate que le hacen mas caso a las “popular” que a las “geeks”… just a comment.

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