Cookbooks Galore

Cookbooks para todos en el Barnes and Noble.

Spring is here, Easter is coming up, and just from browsing at my local Barnes and Noble, it seems everybody is coming out with a new cookbook.

I don’t know about you but every time I see a shiny cookbook, it makes me want to just go out and cook something new. It does inspire me. I guess that’s the whole point behind the marketing strategy. You can cook like these chefs, so called chefs, and celebrities (so they say) but am I a regular cook? Not by a long shot. Who has the time nowadays?

So I was surprised to see a new cookbook by Eva Longoria, the Desperate Housewife, globe-trotting, UCLA student (she’s getting a master’s degree in Chicano studies, thank you very much) and Latino activist who supports mental health issues, children’s health, among a bunch of other causes.  Apparently this multi-tasker still has time to prepare home cooked meals for her familia. Or so the book implies, as there’s plenty of pictures of Eva peeling veggies, in the kitchen, con su mamá y sus tías, moviendo el sartén. Hmmm, I have a feeling it’s more her mom and tías that do the cooking. Just saying!  Anyway, it’s called “Eva’s Kitchen” and has the typical “latina” or mexican-latino fusion inspired recipes, with glossy, colorful pictures.

Eva Longoria's new cookbook is called "Eva's Kitchen."

Otra que no se queda atrás es la Gwyneth Paltrow, the overachiever everybody loves to hate. I am currently on “la-gwyneth-otra-vez -me-está- cayendo-gorda mode” but it is always shifting. (I have a love-hate relationship with her, which is more than I can say for the blogging community, which loves to hate her… but I digress.)

Goop's book. "My Father's Daughter" (Photo from

La Goop herself  just came out with a cookbook called “My Father’s Daughter” and everybody on the online foodie blogs came out to bash her, yet again, for her snobby, better than thou, life is perfect attitude. She can really annoy the hell out of people. But truth be told, she’s very talented, she can sing, hablar español, has good style and good genes. Enough said.

One of the tweets I follow on Twitter, Ruth Bourdain (fictional account that mashes Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain’s point of view, you should follow it!) had a funny tweet the other day regarding the book:

So I was surprised when I happened to like the book, after browsing through it, and thinking, I really want to get it. Dammit! I loved the look and feel of the book, it has beautiful photos, the recipes look delicious, and achievable. Pero es de la Gwyneth, así que…I’ll admit:

Si tuviera an extra $30 bucks I might consider purchasing it. But since I don’t, right now I’ll just admire it at the bookstore and wait till it goes on sale, eventually.

Lo que me llamó la atención es que nowhere in the book, and I mean nowhere, is it mentioned that she is married to Chris Martin. Not in the acknowledgements to everybody who is important in her life, not in the thank you’s, not even in the back flap bio. Hmmm. That sounds weird to me.


UPDATE: So I was mistaken: looks like they are still together. Chris Martin was at her NYC book presentation-private dinner this week.

Here’s the link to the NYT photogallery. (Click here) Nice party! Ah the beautiful people.

And here’s the link to the companion article, Click:   She acts, she sings, she cooks?

Is Gwyneth trying to be the new Martha? (Photo from

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