Mi Mamá Lilia rocks!

It’s taco night at the house and that only means one thing. Mi grandmother is making a beautiful mess in the kitchen and making us a delicious tacos dorados de pollo feast.

When I got home to see her, she greeted me with her latest creation/accomplishment: sus cebollines verdes freshly picked from the backyard! And these are not just any cebollín. Have you ever seen such a huge green onion? She was so proud, I just had to take a picture.

Mi abuela y su organic green onion. Ella es lo máximo!!

She is one amazing woman. Best all around. My all in one Top Chef meets Martha Stewart meets Mother Teresa. And she turns 92 this month. Que tal?

Now if we can only convince her to speak English in time for her citizenship exam!

5 thoughts on “Mi Mamá Lilia rocks!

  1. Que linda mi Cris! Ojala llegaramos con ese animo a esa edad, que barbara! we have to find a time to catch up!

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