30 Mujeres Destacadas, honored by La Opinión

“Honor a quien honor merece.”

On Wednesday, La Opinión, LA’s largest Spanish newspaper, held their 5th annual “Mujeres Destacadas” luncheon event, to honor thirty amazing women for their achievements and hard work. It was a happy event and a beautiful setting at the Biltmore hotel, a grand place to celebrate these ladies.

The stories of 30 women in different fields- education, arts and culture, health, business, community- were presented, with anecdotes that made you want to GET UP & DO IT. No hay excuses! They are Women (with a capital W) who face daily challenges just as everybody else, but still find ways to make it happen and make their life count.

The sponsors for each category were Macy’s (gotta love Macy’s, they’re always supportive of these causes, and again thank you for the invite) as well as Goya, Wells Fargo, Nielsen, and Metro PCS.  Remember these names and support them when you can. They are giving back.

I like these events where you get a chance to meet new people (network, que le llaman) and also be inspired. It was especially moving to hear Maria Elena Salinas, from Univision, who was the keynote speaker for the event.  She spoke of her mother’s example of love, ethics and hard work; of growing up in LA; of our unique and special bicultural experience as ______ (insert the adjective and demo you wish: latina, chicana, mexicoamericana, nica, tica, etc.); of the women who inspire her, and of the challenges women face and overcome. We can do it just as well, if not better, than  men do, “but we do it in high heels!”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

¡Arriba Las Mujeres!

For more on the honored women and a video of the event click here:


Video: http://www.impre.com/multimedia/impreplayer.php?pub=portal

30 Mujeres Destacadas 2011 pose for their yearbook picture.

Macy's recognized the category for Arts and Culture. Pictured from left to right: Monica Lozano- Editor in Chief of La Opinión, with honorees: Sonia Maria de Leon, Yolanda Cruz, Dianna Guerrero, Marlene Dermer, Melanie Rios, Patricia Navarro, and Liz Bacca-Lollman representing Macy's.

Ambience at the event.

Maria Elena Salinas from Univision was the keynote speaker. Loved her positive and inspirational energy.

One of the sponsors, the Macy’s Team, along with Monica Lozano from La Opinion.

A great group! Carol Jackson, Henny Marquez-Andress, Milinda Martin, Liz Bacca-Lollman, and Olivia Eng.

Amiguitas del alma: Martha Gildemontes (Macy's) and Yarel Ramos (mun2) at the event.

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