Love it. Go See It: Bill Cunningham New York.

The marquee at the Nuart, LA. Go see this documentary asap. It's only playing this week.

From the NY Times: On the Street column, video, photos from Bill Cunningham. This alone is worth the new subscription rates!

I love documentaries. One of the best I’ve seen recently is “Bill Cunningham, New York,” which peeks into the life of the original fashion street photographer from his earlier days until now. It is simply a cool, funny, passionate little movie about an 80 something year old man who lives for his art, for his city, for his work.

Here’s the trailer from Vimeo:

It’s only playing for a week in LA at the Nuart (405 and Santa Monica Blvd) on the westside. Hope you get a chance to see it.

(Thanks to Olivia who alerted me about it and made me go last Saturday. She got me out of the house early, which is a triumph! Gracias friend. )

Olivia and the movie poster.

One thought on “Love it. Go See It: Bill Cunningham New York.

  1. It was a joy to watch it with you, La Artista. I laughed and I cried. Bill Cunningham. What a gentleman.

    -La Chinita

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