Update: Earthquake kit

It’s been 2 weeks since the Japan disaster. The news/situation is still pretty grim for Japan with the nuclear radiation spills, water problems, and millions of displaced people. We’re still praying for them. This evening I went to the 99 cents store (“La noventaynueve” como le dice mi Mama Lilia) y me hice de unos cuantos items para tener listo mi kit. God forbid there’s need to use it. Es más, I never want to use it!! I don’t care how much I’ve spent already.

So here’s a few pix and prices for my kit so far. I still need a krank radio like this one from NPR and more water. But I feel better prepared, somehow. Remember to check out this site for more info: www.72hours.org

Basic stuff for the e-kit.

1.- Water (have 1 gallon per person per day, plus pets) $1.00 per gallon… 2.– Three day emergency kit backpack for 2 people, includes first aid kit, weather poncho, dried food, water pouches, small flashlight, 2 masks. $39.99 at Home Depot… 3.- Extra flashlight and extra headlight kit, $14.99 from Home Depot...4.– Backup Batteries from Costco $8.99… 5.- Extra masks $4.99 from Home Depot… 6.- Gas wrench close thingey (valve shut off ) $4.99 at Home Depot… 7.- Extra set of gloves $3.99 at Home Depot (sometimes you find them at the 99 cents store). TOTAL: About $77.94 plus tax, plus water.

1st aid stuff and hygiene items.

1.- Toilet paper $6.98 on sale at Target…2.- Advil pain tablets, large jar with 345 pills, $10.99 at Costco…3.- Box of kleenex $2.29 at Target…4.- Baby wipes (for baños vaqueros) $.99 cents from 99 Cents store…5.- Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide (for cleaning wounds) $.99 cents each from the 99 Cents Store…6.- Emergency Vitamin C Vitamin packets, $7.99 from Trader Joes…7.- Activated charcoal (for upset stomach and stomach pain), $12 from Whole Foods…8.- Arnica pomade from Mexico, for bruises y pa’ los guamazos (sold at Mexican supermarkets for about $3 dollars) …9.- Isodine bucofaringeo for wounds and lip bruises (also sold at Mexican supermarkets for about $5)… 10.- Antibacterial Band Aids, $.99 cents from the 99 Cents Store…11.- Latex gloves (5 pairs) from the 99 cents store…12.- Wet Ones antibacterial wipes $1.99 for 12 packets, at CVS pharmacy…13.- Neutrogena sunblock/moisturizer $8.99 at CVS pharmacy…14.- Toothpaste and brush, $.99 cents each from the 99 Cents Store…15.- Remedios mexicanos para cortadas: Merthiolate y Sulfatiazol (2 dollars each at Mexican supermarkets) and natural antiobiotic “Nurtibiotic” to disinfect and clean, $3.99. Total: Approximately  $ 70 dollars.

Basic food stuff.

Almost ALL items from the 99 Cents Store, food that stores easily and can stay put for a while: 1.- Soy Dream Milk…2.-Skippy peanut Butter…3.-Hard sourdough pretzels…4.- Wasa scandinavian bread…5.- Eight cans of tuna…6.- Canned fruit and canned soup…7.-Trail mix with cashews and raisins from Trader Joes, 12 individual packets for $6.98…8.-Beef jerkey ($99 cents!)….9.-Instant oatmeal packets. Total: About $23 dollars.

Comfort junk...

And now, since we’re in survival mode, we must include items to keep our sweet tooth happy, because the more I think about it, the more I know something for sure…como dice Oprah…

If and when the ship goes down, and we (Dios guarde la hora) are facing a disaster of biblical proportions á la Japan, apocalypsis now, THIS IS IT, sálvese quien pueda, believe me when I say I am NOT going to be munching on healthy snacks during the immediate aftermath. I’m gonna need chocolate, sugar and salt to survive, you know what I mean?

(I just thought maybe I should add stiff strong alcohol drinks?)

Everything from the 99 Cents Store: 1.- Chocolate Chip cookies…2.- Doritos ranch chips….3.- Rocky Road in 3 flavor variations…4.- Boing grape juice…5.- Crunch bars (8 pack)…6.- Oreo chocolate cookies…7.- Oreo white chookies.

3 thoughts on “Update: Earthquake kit

  1. Te falta un radio portatil con baterias, guardar una cobijita o sueter, tape, recomendaron tambien incluir un silbato/whistle… ya tienes bandaids pero tambien compra 1 o 2 vendas.
    just a tip…

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  3. Pingback: The Earthquake in Mexico reminds me it’s time to update my earthquake kit « Life in Spanglish

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