50 million Latinos and counting…

Puros Latinos. Just like the Census from 2010 says. (Photo from Fiesta Broadway 2010, by yours truly.)

Did you hear? Ya somos más, un montonal.

You probably didn’t need census results to know Hispanics in the USA are the largest minority, but this week’s news makes it more official. 50 million of us is a new milestone. At this rate, nos estamos multiplicando más rápido que cualquier otro ethnic minority (que de minority no le veo nada) en este país.

Analysts, experts, sociologists and politicians will all ponder exactly how this will affect everything from business and marketing strategies, political maps, social services, job creations, you name it. I guess it’s good to be in the news.

Here’s a link you may want to follow up. Link from KTLA in Los Angeles.

3 thoughts on “50 million Latinos and counting…

  1. Hola, quisiera saber si me puedes ayudar a buscar más información de hispanos en Estados Unidos, así como nivel socieconómico, estados con mayor número de hispanos, gráficas y todo lo necesario, preferiblemente del censo del 2010. Muchas gracias.

  2. I’m glad the hispanic population is growing. What I dont like is that we are turning many US cities into Tijuana or Guatemala. Along with the good food comes the crime, low education rate, and violence

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