La lección de los japoneses: Be Prepared!

One week ago today, Japan experienced their most devastating event since the atomic bomb at the end of WWII.  It has been a lesson on so many levels for the rest of the world, but especially for us in California. Both shocking and humbling, we must accept the fact que en el momento menos pensado, Mother Nature is capable of wiping us out.

Hemos visto las noticias, pensado en que nos pasaría a nosotros, but we need to do more, we need to heed the warnings and be prepared. We know the dangers, it’s time to make a plan, a kit, a drill, and get involved.

Tengo meses diciendo “voy a hacerme un earthquake kit” y hoy es el día. Encontré este website que se llama and it’s very easy to read and follow. Basically it says that in the event of a disaster, we should not expect any services, state or emergency, to be available to us during the first 3 days. Scary but true. You especially need to see what to do if you have an elderly family member, a pet or special needs to tend to…we need to think of everything.

I highly recommend you visit it and read it, print out the information. It’s in English, Español, even Russian and Vietnamese. Please check it out if you’re a California neighbor and let’s  pray that this ring of fire keeps calm, as we continue praying for the people of Japan. is a great site for information on how to be prepared. See it today and do something about it.

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