Setting my DVR to “La Reina del Sur”

Count me in for watching La Reina del Sur on Telemundo.

The novela, inspired by the best selling book La Reina del Sur, by Arturo Perez Reverte, premieres Monday 2/28 on Telemundo and it’s already looking good.

It’s the story of Teresa Mendoza, a Mexican woman who dominated the world of drug trafficking and narcos in Spain and Europe. She’s not exactly what you call a “role model,” but she’s definitely more entertaining and interesting than the average Cinderellas you see every night on Univision.

Kate del Castillo is Teresa Mendoza, and almost everybody who’s seen the first episode (El Club de Noveleras de Telemundo, for example) and who knows her work back from when she started in Televisa can say THIS is her best role yet. She is a natural fit to play the tough woman Teresa is. She’s not afraid to do violent scenes, or look vulnerable and go sans makeup like she did for most of the first episode. Cero maquillaje, cero glamour. She also is NOT shy in showing her body, and believe me, she shows it. Es toda “muscle”, que bárbara! Even on the tight shots, y la cámara no perdona nada. Esta mujer es puro ejercicio y salud.  We are putting her picture up in the office and using her as inspiration to go work out.

As for the other cast, us girls can’t complain. There’s Rafael Amaya, the hunk from Alguien Te Mira, Gabriel Porras, who’s pretty much irreconocible y feo, Humberto Zurita, one of the great Mexican actors, and a bunch of fresh handsome faces we’ll get to see throughout.

But it’s the story that makes LRDS addictive and even sometimes hard to watch. This is no fairy tale. It deals with narcos, violence, crime, betrayal, death, and somehow they’ll blend in the love story. This is not your typical novela, none of the Telemundo ones are. La Reina del Sur feels more like a tv series with situations that you know are happening in real life, with dark and evil characters and the “reality” of the drug world. It’s shot mostly on location in Mexico, Colombia, España y Marruecos, so it looks different than anything that’s shot on the set. Hey, natural lighting, what a concept!

So time will tell if LRDS is a hit, but we think so. Let’s see what the ratings say for Telemundo, but so far, we give it thumbs up…(usando el sistema del Roger Ebert) and it earns a spot on our DVR.

Here’s a promo clip from La Reina del Sur, Monday through Friday 10PM on Telemundo.

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