A Valentine’s Day song for the rest of us.

Anoche fueron los Grammy’s and there was all sorts of crazy business happening, with your typical wild musical acts. But my favorite moment came when Cee Lo Green and la Gwynnie Paltrow (she can sing people! and in the highest Christian Louboutin  heels you’ve ever seen) perfomed F…orget you!  along with a band of wild muppets. Super cool show!

Last year on VDay I mentioned there were very few songs about self love, except for a lovely little diddy by Keb-Mo called “You can love yourself“…but this year, F-You takes the cake.

Here’s to all the rest of us on this highly commercial, red rose and chocolate induced “holiday”…. Sing it along and cheers to you at Happy Hour tonight.

3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day song for the rest of us.

  1. My favorite act of the evening too. Loved his crazy Gladiator-meets-Carnivale samba dancer getup.

    No fair that GP gets to travel with Bittman & Batali, speak Spanish with Catalonian accent, Chris Martin, “write” a blog newsletter, Vogue cover, be BFFs with Madonna, 2 kids, AND SING so damn well!

    Sadly I revel in knowing that at least:
    -“Green Eyes” wasn’t written about her
    -She’s still a little loca, cause she named one of her towheads after a FRUIT (Apple)

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