So you want to go to Confession? There’s an app for that!

….And in other news today:

The Catholic Church has approved an app to have every Catholic go to confession 21st century style, on their iPad or iPhone. They still have to get absolution from the priest, but at least it walks you through it on your i-gadgets. Says this article:

Confession: A Roman Catholic App for iPhones and iPads is touted as the ”perfect aid for every penitent” and is designed to be taken into the confessional. It creates a customised and password-protected ”examination of conscience” based on a person’s age, sex, vocation and the time elapsed – in days, weeks, months or years – since the last confession. It also has seven acts of contrition to choose from, all for $US1.99.


Of all the things the Catholic Church could come up with, this is not what we had imagined. (Image from web)


Wow! There’s seven acts of contrition? Who knew? But call me old school (as in 9 years in Catholic school with nuns and in a uniform, muchas gracias) I prefer to keep my sins private and not type them somewhere they could be kept on record. Just saying.

See the link here.

Update: Feb. 9, 2011: Turns out it is not approved by the Vatican. In case you follow these things…

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