Biutiful interview with Charlie Rose

Javier Bardem and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu during their interview with Charlie Rose. A brilliant hour long conversation.

Biutiful is nominated for an Oscar this year as Best Foreign Movie, and this may just be the first time Mexico wins an Academy Award. I can only hope this is the year.

This week, the director Alejandro Gonález Iñárritu and the actor Javier Bardem (who is also nominated for Best Actor) stopped by the Charlie Rose show for an intense and revealing conversation. I’m sure both Alejandro and Javier were impressed and stimulated by the questions, as Mr. Rose is truly a master in bringing out the best answers in people. He gets it and they appreciate it. (Seguro pensaron, vaya, hasta que por fin me toca una entrevista con preguntas inteligentes, no como los incultos de toda la vida que preguntan “So how does it feel to get nominated again?”)  Actually, the questions came so naturally and the conversation flowed so seamlessly, that Mr. Rose seems like the kind of drinking buddy they would hang out with cuando estan contando “netas” y filosofando de la intensidad y las pasiones de la vida. Que les sirvan un vinito español o un mezcal de Oaxaca, que no?

If you have an hour to watch, and you love smart, thought provoking, interesting conversation, as well as good movies, you should check out the link below for the interview, and go see the movie of course. It will not disappoint.

Here’s the link to this show.

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