No show, con del Toro y Carlos Fuentes

It was a very disappointing Friday night at Disney Hall in LA. Turns out that the much anticipated book presentation of Carlos Fuentes’ VLAD was abruptly cancelled. No word on the motives and nobody from the organizing committee, la Universidad de Guadalajara en Los Angeles UDGLA, bothered to show up to give us an explanation. Bummer! It would have been an interesting conversation, even though Mr. Fuentes tends to be a little pompous and wordy… rollero pues, but Mr. del Toro would’ve made it more animated and fun.

Quien sabe qué pasaría. But the organizers could’ve been more courteous and let us know beforehand. It’s not an easy task to get to downtown LA on a Friday evening. Parking isn’t cheap, either. At least Disney Hall was fair enough to return the parking fee.

I felt bad for a guy who came in with his collection of Carlos Fuentes books so he could get his autograph. And they looked like books from Mexico, like older print editions, with the soft cover almost falling off y el cartoncito deslavado. A true Fuentes reader. Qué lástima. There are not many of those fans here in LA.

Just hope the Feria del Libro en Español “LeaLA” is better organized by the UDGLA. It’s set for April 29, 30 and May 1st in LA.


No show. Ni Carlos Fuentes ni Guillermo del Toro llegaron.

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