Get there any which way you can.

Remember when “The Secret” came out and everybody was on this trip where “thoughts become things” and then they manifest in actions? Well I thought about that on my way back home to LA and realized it’s true (we already know that right?)… Turns out I thought and repeatedly uttered a few syllables a few weeks ago, when my cash was running out in Mexico City: “Se me hace que me voy a tener que regresar en camión.” And what do you know? I found myself on a bus back home to LA this weekend.

It wasn’t so bad, you know. The trip was only 7 hours (when it usually takes 5 hours driving from the Mexican border to LA) and the bus had free wi-fi (woohoo!) so I was connected throughout. Nevermind that the bus sounded and bounced like it was about to fall apart. I roamed around the Imperial Valley, the Salton Sea, Indio, Palm Springs, 29 Palms, San Bernardino, El Monte, EastLos, and finally downtown LA.

Ahhh, it’s good to be home.

Lunch at McD's on the border. This must be the southernmost Mickey D's because behind that brick wall is Mexicali, Mexico.

El ambiente super animadísimo en el McDonald's de Calexico, con los patrons disfrutando el dollar menu. Notice the photos on the wall.

Emiliano Zapata would die all over again if he knew he now decorates the walls of a McDonald's. Cool pics, though.

Greyhound-Crucero bus station @Calexico, CA. Same time, same place. The building has not changed in 40 years.

Fellow traveler.

Indio, California. Otherwise famous for being the next door neighbor to Coachella, home of the annual music festival.

Palm Trio.

San Bernardino magic hour.

Oy Vey!! And I thought I was a light traveler (not!) Las maletas y bolsas se multiplicaron as the trip went on. Not a practical way to go.

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