Greetings desde el estado de Hidalgo. (Part 2)

You know how you used to send postcards from your trips when you were really enjoying yourself? (I used to have a postcard collection and would always ask my friends to send me one from their travels.) Here are a few of my postcards from a great trip with my friends to Pachuca, Los Prismas de San Miguel Regla, a little magical town called Huasca, and la Peña del Aire. Wish you were here!


View of the prisms from above. Amazing!


Los prismas de San Miguel Regla quedan como a 30 minutos de Pachuca.

Another view of the waterfall.

A very "Wild E. Coyote" type of sign, ahi nomas en la orillita. Remember the BugsBunny/Road Runner cartoons where Coyote went over the cliff?

View from the road at sunset.


Roadside friends on the way to la Peña del Aire.

"No Cepare a la Oriya del Barranco." Classic!

Have no fear! Obviously my friends didn't care for the sign...they are better, braver souls than I am.

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