Algunos “piensos” on a Friday night

I feel as if I am "entre muchos colores."

For the past few weeks and change I have been wandering the streets of Mexico City and it’s alrededores. I rode all means of transportation: metro, taxi, metrobus, my friends’ cars. I even drove here for a few days and lost all fear of the chilangos and their crazy driving system (más bien, su falta de sistema para manejar. No offense please.) I tried to be a part of this amazing and weird place and to blend in as much as I could without looking like a tourist.

Tomorrow is my last day here and it’s been a wild and fun ride. I can’t wait to get back home and go forward with this blog and many plans. But, if I may, I’d like to post a few reflections on my experience, just to vent, just to write something tonight. There were many reservations and fears coming here, before I arrived. There was the uncertainty of the future of my projects and the way these would go about. Había miedos, que yo sola me inventé en la cabeza, de las cosas que pudieran pasar. My mind really made me paranoid in the weeks leading up to my trip, y al final de cuentas, everything turned out fine. Fue un viaje y unos dias que tuvieron su encanto. A pesar del tráfico, del frio o del calor, o de la falta de presupuesto para hacer más cosas, in retrospect, fueron días divertidos, de reencuentros con amigos, familia, lugares y buenos recuerdos. Ahora que me voy, sé que tuve la mejor experiencia. People I met and saw here are friendly, generous, sincere and helpful. Life here is really hard, but these people make it work everyday. Son puros “survivors” and they are an amazing bunch.

Otras cosas que aprendí en este little trip: you can really survive on 2 pairs of jeans, boots and a few sweaters and they don’t really need to be color coordinated; always carry a scarf in your purse and some advil; no matter how many dollars you bring with you, the pesos seem to evaporate once you’re in Mexico City; when stuck in traffic, the metro is always the best option; food tastes better in the company of true friends and loved ones; no hay nada como un cafecito en la tarde y un buen libro en un street café para aprovechar el people watching; “home is where the heart is”; the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze you and the love and hospitality of your friends and family will always make you feel blessed.

Gracias a todos mis amigos y mi familia (you know who you are!) que me ayudaron tanto estos días y que hicieron de mi estancia aquí algo memorable. Estoy eternamente agradecida por tanto cariño y quiero seguir regresando.

I’ll be blogging again from LA, very soon con el favor de Dios. Gracias México por permitirme regresar de nuevo.

2 thoughts on “Algunos “piensos” on a Friday night

  1. some weeks later and your presence still roams mi depto!!! I love you sister-friend, my children adore you!!! Arugula, baby!!!

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