Sunday evening cafecito y “Killer Crónicas”

Después de una semana full of revelations, estoy disfrutando de un little downtime cafecito and a wonderful book I received from Susana Chavez-Silverman, a true Spanglish linguist and beautiful writer.

“Killer Crónicas” has me hooked and I’m barely on chapter 2. This book will serve as an early literary example of how Spanglish gradually evolved into a vibrant and energetic new language, pese a quien le pese.  I have to catch myself from gasping as I go through the pages, because this is what the voice in your Spanglish head sounds like (at least my inner voice) and she has captured it perfectly, even writing in accents from Madrid, Buenos Aires and Mexico. So very interesting indeed.

Says the LA Times: “A stirring memoir…practically a performance. Killer Crónicas is a testament to the matruring sense of global and pan-Latin citizenship being claimed by Chicanos and US born Latinos in the AmericanWest. Combine this with such innovation in language, and her book may be one day regarded as a refreshing turning point in Latino literature…”

Killer Cronicas, Bilingual Memories by Susana Chavez Silverman (University of Wisconsin Press, 2004) y un cafecito. The perfect late afternoon combo.

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