Yo también ando en metro

El metro es el “lifeline” del DF. Me salvo de algunos traffic jams, que están de miedo aquí. (And I thought LA traffic was bad, but this is something else!)

Por sólo 3 pesos you can ride as many connections as you need to get all over Mexico City. It’s one of the most efficient transport services anywhere. Of course, since millions of people use the metro everyday,  you’re bound to feel like a you’re in a can of sardines, all mashed up together. It can get uncomfortable and stressful, but it beats fighting traffic for 2 hours and not moving and honking the horn and screaming at your fellow neighbor while going stir crazy and wondering “how come there’s traffic 24/7 in this place?”

Safety is always a concern but I felt quite safe while using it. If you’re a woman, you’re in luck. Women and kids have exclusive access to the first 2 wagons. Not a bad idea at all.

An evening transfer at one of the busiest stations I've seen, going towards Indios Verdes station.


Señoritas ride exclusively in the first 3 wagon cars. Men can figure it out in the other spaces.

And there it goes. Underground and rápido.

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