View from the top @ la “Latino”

Uno de los edificios más emblemáticos del DF es la Torre Latinoamericana. Once the tallest structure in this city, it’s a beautiful building used for office space and sightseeing, with a “Mirador” on the 48th floor overlooking all of DF. For 60 pesos you can go up and take a look. And it also makes for a great date.

Ha aguantado earthquakes (1957 y 1985) y crisis económicas (many more than we care to remember) and it stands proud in the heart of this monster of a town. Here are a few shots tomadas desde arriba on a bright sunny day.

Vista hacia el sur por el Eje Central #1.

Vista hacia la Alameda.

Vista hacia el Palacio de Bellas Artes, just below.

From the ground up. La Torre Latinoamericana desde el piso.

Sign at the entrance.

Around sunset.

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