Museos y más museos: Rufino Tamayo

Still here in DF. One of the things unique to the city is the amount of accessible culture and arts one can peruse daily. I did a little experiment last week: got on the metro, got to several museums and randomly enjoyed whatever they had going on. A Carpe Diem sort of plan, if you catch my drift.

Surprise, surprise. The plan did not disappoint. First stop was Polanco, where I went to the Museo Rufino Tamayo. I love this place. The architecture is amazing and the museum always has interesting exhibits going on.

I was particularly impressed with a small exhibit of letters by the photographer Tina Modotti. Maybe it’s the sort of “trip” I am on, but her letters to her friend, fellow photographer Edward Weston are an inspiration and made me admire her even more. Bravo to brave and courageous women artists everywhere. We need more of those.

Entrance to Museo Rufino Tamayo.

Tina’s letter to Edward Weston after she was deported from Mexico, falsely accused of planning to kill Mexican president Ruiz Cortines in 1930. She had to leave the country with only a few belongings and start over in pre-war Germany. In the letters, she mixes in a little Spanglish here and there. You can sense her anxiousness and the troubles she was going through at the time where she had to reinvent herself-again- as an artist.

A photo by Tina Modotti of her teacher and friend, Edward Weston, the recipient of the letters. From what she writes, we don’t know if she ever received any letters back from him.

“I feel there must be something for me but I have not found it yet. And in the meantime the days go by and I spend sleepless nights wondering which way to turn and where to begin. I have begun to go out with the camera but, NADA…I know the material found in the streets is rich and wonderful, but my experience is that the way I am accustomed to work, slowly, planning my composition, is not suited for such work…I guess I want to do the impossible and therefore I do nothing. And yet, I shall have to decide soon what to do, for although I can still afford to ‘take it easy’, this can not go on forever.”

View of the lobby at Rufino Tamayo.

One thought on “Museos y más museos: Rufino Tamayo

  1. Que impresion, tu pudiste haber escrito ese parrafo no? Feelings and impressions are never outdated… Un beso mi Cris…we’re still here watching, faithful fans of your blog…

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