Bésame…bésame mucho.

Take a walk around any part of el DF and you’ll notice something interesting: people in Mexico City are not shy in practicing public displays of affection.

It’s weird to post these pictures because they are kind of voyeuristic, and yet this says a lot about Mexicans in the capital, their passions and intense relationships.

Besos, abrazos, semi make out sessions and other forms of PDA’s are evident all over town, and would make anybody back in the US blush a little, yet here they are casual and normal.

I saw a couple kiss each other goodbye at the metro station and almost wanted to tell them “Oh get a room!” or the otherwise appropriate “No coman pan en frente de los pobres”.

Amor de la calle.

“quiero tenerte muy cerca, mirarme en tus ojos, verte junto a mi…” escribió Consuelito Velazquez.

Hand in Hand, 2 men walk together in La Condesa.

Beso matutino. 11 am por la Avenida de la Reforma.

Siamese lovers joined at the hip. Even at a museum exhibit, these 2 would not let go of each other.

3 thoughts on “Bésame…bésame mucho.

  1. Does that translate to “Don’t eat bread in front of the poor”? (Don’t flaunt it!) The US culture comes from a historical background of repressed religious zealots…maybe we could stand to be more expressive on this side of the border 😉 I hear in India men hold hands or pinkies when walking and in the Middle East, men kiss eachother in greeting.

  2. No creo que en USA debieran sorprenderse mucho por todas esas manifestaciones que no son sino lo que ellos se han ocupado de exportar al resto de las civilizaciones.
    No es un mal endémico de México D.F. sino de tantos y tantos lugares; la única diferencia está en el reloj del “bienestar”, que a cada uno le alcanza en su momento, y en hacernos creer que con 12-15 años ya somos adultos y somos capaces de decidir con acierto.

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