Farmer’s Market, Chilango Style

Persimos y ciruelas. I think you call them Persimmons as well?

There isn’t a much better place for finding fresh, organic, real and colorful fruits and veggies than in the local open air markets in Mexico City. Here’s a sample of what you can find any given Sunday.

Grapes, oranges y ciruelas moradas.

Aguacates anybody?

Paletas de hielo: sandia, mango, mamey.

Do you know your cuts of meat? You better, you're dealing wth pro's here.

Servicio a domicilio. The meat market will also make home deliveries upon request!

Chicharrones y chorizos on display.

Las tunas abundan.

For the sweet tooth: Dulces tipicos mexicanos.

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market, Chilango Style

  1. chula los higos!!!! fruits for the gods given to us to make us appreciate LAS MARAVILLAS DE LA NATURALEZA, como una planta, pues no tan bella (no ofense intended!!) puede dar algo tan DELICIOSO!!!

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